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ADRIANO DESIGN - Placesweb Contract Digital Magazine

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During the Milan Design Week, Brera Design District has hosted Dueacca by Verum Italy, where the innovative project signed by Adriano Design has been
shown to the public. Revolutionary, compact, smart and environmentally friendly, Dueacca is the patented, innovative modular indoor and outdoor tap, which seeks its functionality in its simplicity, essentiality as well as beauty. The setting up, developed by Adriano Design, wanted to display both indoor and outdoor applications: a poetic meeting of the countless application and declination possibilities of this tap characterized by its flexible nature. Dueacca is a new way of perceiving and using the ‘tap’, which calls the tool, its function and its fruition into question, revolutionizing the concept of hydraulic system in order to offer a new interaction level with water.
A tiny cube of only 50 mm in an alloy of brass defines the innovation and the modularity of this system, which is suited for being declined, interpreted, shaped and created to meet the needs of indoor and outdoor areas. Only four joystick blenders suitable both for indoor and outdoor spaces, applicable to the central body of a wide accessories range, allow to meet the requirements of the users and to create new functionalities.

Which was the inspiring idea of this innovative modular tap, suitable both for indoor and outdoor areas?
Dueacca arises from the idea of a reduction of the ‚tap‘ to extremely low levels; this involves a reduction of dimensions, of the applied material and of its 'shapes'. Starting with these ideas, the project developed calling the ‚tap product‘ into question and reinventing it recalling ist own origins, when it was simply a valve.

How did you develop this idea in the final product?
By working on the concept of valve as a modular element belonging to a versatile hydraulic circuit. We have therefore thought that we could create a versatile
tap, suitable for indoor and outdoor locations and equipped with a series of accessories/apps, offering and inventing many new functions, even from the usage point of view.

We are talking about a flexible tap, which can perfectly adjust to many configurations and purposes. Could you describe us some of them?
The chance of fastening a tap to a tree in order to transform it into a fountain or a shower is a new possibility which did not exist before, like the opportunity of
stapling it to a bucket, transforming it into a sink, or clamping it to a railing creating a fountain or a shower. Dueacca is a sort of ‘Lego’ as it allows the creation of products and locations for an easy and free use of water.

Are you planning new products for bathroom areas?
Dueacca is an ambitious project which considers a revolution in the water use (dueacca, the new form of water… wants to accentuate this changing model,
alluding to a new formulation of impossible water molecule). It considers also many product development steps, which we are already planning and industrializing.
They are going to be shown to the public very soon.

How would you define the bathroom area?
I would define a bathroom area as a versatile location you can always develop and change according to the client’s needs, without borders between indoor
and outdoor, a space not bound to walled-in pipes or monolithic bathrooms which cannot be transformed. This is exactly the main idea that Dueacca bares always
in mind.