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The sense of Marco Piva for textile industry. - Placesweb Contract Digital Magazine

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intervista marco piva

The sense of Marco Piva for textile industry.

Interview By Andrea Colombo //
Materials, trend, style and new technology, are the works themes of Contract Architects for textile elements of the Project.
We report the approach of Marco Piva architecture & design firm, one of the greatest Italian exponents.

How is important the textile topic in a big architectural project? For the Contract, as it approaches the topic in an interior design project? Are common questions, but often the sector of the textile material, for interior design project, is overshadowed from other design aspects. In this interview, PW Contract has explained the approach and how works, for textile, one of the greatest Italian exponents, Marco Piva.

During the design phase for architectural project or interior decoration, how depends inputs from the client and how the vision of the designer?

It is a partnership work between the necessities, requests and the project concept, architectural or interior designer, of the customer and the designer's vision. A symbiotic work that is done together.
Indeed, the best project results are obtained when there is a dialogue, a continuous and open comparison between client and designer.

Which are the main differences in approach between contract and residential construction?

When designing for private client, everything can be, the interface is the private client and therefore the project work is between two people, a direct comparison between designer and client. Instead, for the Contract there is never a direct comparison with the end customer. A simple example, for the hotel project, the correlation is with owner or the manager, while for the residential contract the representative is Contractor or Construction company.
Finally, for Contract achievements, the customer designer never coincides with end user of construction. Is necessary one more concerted effort to identify their needs.

In the choice of material, do you’re relies on historical partners or a research of markets offers?
Marco Piva firm has always taken an interest to the materials and innovations (finishing, new production and technology). A professional staff works daily to continuous updating of archive materials.
A constantly updated archive allows you to have more availability to the needs of individual projects.
There are historical Companies, especially for the mainly used materials. Collaborations with referents that over time have become consultants, valuable helpers of the firm with whom we compare for the materials.

How is it addressing textile theme in a project of interior design?
The textile topic is in combination with entire project, and is developed inside the “mood” phase. The materials are replaced respect to kind of the project, legislations, site and costumers requirements.

Delegated to an external contractor?
No, one feature of Marco Piva firm it is to try to manage things internally, with our referents.

In the Designer world, how are interested at textile topic and how they knows or are interested to know it? In other words, how is it important?

The world of design and architecture have approached very nearly the theme of fashion, trends and trend, so certainly the textile issue has an important significance. Is necessary to be always informed and updated for to interpret properly the project. Our Firm is always active and in the forefront, in past we collaborated with So Far so Near, drawing Maryilin collection, with Ege for a collection of carpet and moquettes, with Jab Anstoets we presented three carpets to the last editions of “Salone del Mobile”, and are currently planning, for Sahrai, a new carpets collection that will be present at the Salone 2017. We also have an ongoing relationship with Dedar, Zimmer + Rohde, Rubelli and we work constantly with Elitis for wallpaper collections.

There are specializations on 'category manager' type of large retailers?
I don’t think, but surely there are specialized professionals on textile trends.

Do you follow fashions and to what extent?
Yes, there are two particular approaches to trend, the first one is aesthetic for colors and designs, the second one is technological for all themes about environmental sustainability, allergic components ecc.
We follow fashion as a necessity for the final product.

How is the process in the choice / selection of articles / Textile aspects in a project?
Normally the project is born from an idea, on basis of which there is a concept (moodbards). In our project, world textile travels parallel to it.

They do are demonstrating materials and visits in manufacturing companies?
Yes, of course. Is very important but depends to the Project. If is it for client, we bought him in showroom for see the material example. While for a Contract’s project often we travel in the Company to follow production and carry out the relevant tests.

Which are the current trends for different environments/finiture components?

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