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Piramide Hydrovision®, an integrated sensorial Spa system - Placesweb Contract Digital Magazine

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Piramide Hydrovision®, an integrated sensorial Spa system

La Piramide Hydrovision ® (HVJ) , is a multisensory Spa thought for hotels, hot springs, wellness centres, luxury housings, business wellness and even outdoor settings. Hydrovision is the first patented damp and dry Spa with ten different holistic therapies in bioresonance, integrating every component and modules of the mark Diffusore Benessere.

An efficient electronic system with ad hoc security systems allows to change functions easily, from damp to dry.
After a long developing and research phase applied to design, electronics and new materials, it has been created a new version of multisensory Jacuzzi Holistic Pyramid with whirlpool. In limited edition and tailor-made, every Pyramid HVJ is built in certificated numerated exemplars, unique as produced by designers and artisans, an exclusive Made In Italy product. The research of every single mechanical, electronic, design component is conceived to offer a new sensorial experience. The materials employed for the Hydrovision part respond to the most strict requirements in terms of safety and reliability, and have been chosen in order to reduce noxious electrostatic emissions and favorite the concentration of energy spreading it from the highest point (copper Orgometro), and letting it flow through the aluminium structure and concentrate in solid parts like wood flooring. It can be tailored and covered by several materials.