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SEAMARQ HOTEL - Placesweb Contract Digital Magazine

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The new boutique hotel, 'The New Seamarq Hotel' by Richard Meier, is made up of two main buildings and supporting facilities nestled into a hill of dense pine trees overlooking the East Sea, Gyeongpo Lake and the Taebaek mountains. The former Hyundai Hotel Gyeongpodae, now known as Seamarq Hotel, has been rebuilt as part of a revitalization of the region in preparation for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. “With this hotel we aspire to create something new and innovative. The principles that guide the work in our office are rooted in timeless, classical design issues such as the Context, the Site, and the use of Natural Light. In my work I seek to find through design the best of what exists and what can be. My purpose is to deliver thoughtful, original modern architecture that is as accessible as it is beautiful, as
humanist as it is disciplined. This is an architecture which is concerned with the individual as well as the community at large. Our primary goal for the Seamarq Hotel has been to create a strong sense of place by enhancing and transforming the existing site in a dramatic way. Many of the cues for the design came from the site--its light, its landscape, its topography.
Perhaps the most important initial decision was to work with the configuration of the land and to design the hotel complex in relation to the existing topography.” - comments Richard Meier. The geometric form of the hotel tower follows the soft shape and contours of the hill, with a 11 story trapezoidal tower perched on top of a four-story base comprising 150 guestrooms – with almost all rooms with ocean views and some with spectacular views of the nearby Gyeongpo Lake, and the distant Taebaek
mountains. The angular form of the building contrasts against the landscape, with a changing silhouette that is perceived differently from various vantage points. Floating balconies and articulated planes are expressed in a bright colour palette that enables the building to transform throughout the day depending on lighting conditions. The fifth floor includes a generous outdoor deck and promontory with an infinity-edge pool and panoramic views of the ocean. Besides offering a place for social events, the sun deck acts as a transitional space
between the low rise base and the high rise tower. A covered entrance opens to a grand lobby lounge and bar facing the sea. the restaurant is nestled into the existing landscape one level below the lobby and enjoys immediate vistas of both the sea and the beachfront. The spa is a further storey below, with spaces open to the dense vegetation and landscape. A
presidential suite is found at the tower’s summit with a generous terrace and courtyard garden with open views in all directions. The unifying strategy for the whole project is the consistent concern with natural light, and the establishment of connections between the hotel, the banquet hall and the rest of the complex.

NAME: Seamarq hotel
ARCHITECT: Richard Meier & Partners Architects LL
AREA: 39.420 sqm
LOCATION: Gangneung, Gangwon-do -Corea del Sud