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In the heart of Emilia region has been opened the new kindergarten with wood Rubner Holzbau 

structures, made by the studio Mario Cucinella Architects. Sustainability, safety, architecture and pedagogy are the main elements of the new nursery school in Guastalla, in the province of Reggio Emilia, inaugurated on September 19.

Designed by the Studio Mario Cucinella Architects in Bologna, the wood structure is made by Rubner Holzbau, a firm of the group Rubner, specialized in the construction of major glued laminated timber works.

The project of Mario Cucinella aims at stimulating the children’s interaction with the surrounding environment, according to a pedagogic concept that is: nothing is left to chance; from the distribution of didactic areas to the choice of materials and the integration between internal and external spaces. The structure thus considers the use of natural or recycled environmentally-friendly materials. In particular, except for the reinforced concrete foundations, the load-bearing structure is formed by glued laminated timber frame.

For this work of high architectural research level, sustainability and seismic safety, has been successful the partnership between Studio Mario Cucinella Architects and Rubner Holzbau, which in its 40 years of experience has realized environmentally-friendly projects with unique features, able to realize the inspiration and the personal style of architects of world renown. The glued laminated timber used for the structure guarantees, with a highly tested building material, the maximum safety even from the most intense seismic loads, like those measured in Emilia.

In accordance with the project’s outlines, the main features are the simplicity of the wood building system, the careful material choice, technical finishings and solutions, without giving up the important interaction research between the enclosed space of the classrooms and the open space of the exterior. With this logic, the proposed model aspires to integrate, both visually and architecturally, with the contest and the landscape which features the location of the project. The passive planning, together with the use of energy efficient plant systems, certifies the building in Class A.

The architect Mario Cucinella states: “In order to design a nursery school and a kindergarten it is necessary the dialogue between different disciplines: architecture, pedagogy, psychology and anthropology. The quality of the location depends on the interaction of these learnings. The building of areas destined to children can be a cause for reflection upon the role of architecture, which is not only subject for magazines but also a didactic instrument: the space influences children’s behavior and those who have grown up in a comfortable, stimulating, and suitable ambient will be more conscious in adult life”.

PHOTO: Cristian Chierici