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The “business nomads” are a new kind of professionals who work together in a common area. Tribes is the new mobile office network dedicated to professionals of any origin, purpose and job. This is a new kind of professionals called “business nomads” to which Tribes offers several facilities like internet access, virtual offices, meeting areas and flexible jobs: a place for business, but not a “conventional” office. The first of these mobile offices has been opened in Eindhoven, Holland, inside the Eindhoven Flight Forum (a modern building with a welcoming covered main entrance, located in the business park around the city). Future openings in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Bruxelles, Antwerp and Gant will follow. Tribes’ project and the space concept have been entrusted to Studio Abrahms Crielaers: “we are talking about a studio with a great experience in handing over the brand’s values to contemporary locations, through a wise use of materials, colours and light.”
Located near the airport, it is an example of how it is possible to find a suitable space where ideas can freely flow and become business. As far as the interior design is concerned, Tribes has chosen Fossil, a porcelain tiles collection designed by DesignTale- Studio, the experimentation and research lab managed and created by Ceramiche Refin. Created by the designer Kasia Zareba, it has won the international context Create your Tile. Zareba stated: “FOSSIL collection is a reinterpretation of prehistoric spoors of plants and animals found on rock formations. This product is thought for contemporary interiors. In the sketches of the project’s realisation designers have been inspired by the signs left by Ammonites’ shells”.

Name creation / Nome realizzazione: TRIBES
Year of construction / Anno di realizzazione: 2015