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Usine Restaurant - Placesweb Contract Digital Magazine

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Usine Restaurant

Usine Restaurant


A 2000 square meters former sausage factory in the heart of Stockholm's lively Södermalm neighborhood has undergone an extensive renovation to give place to the new Usine concept, created by designer Richard Lindvall,  previously known for the restaurants Museet and WIN.

The new space, which opened its doors at the end of April 2015, includes Restaurant Bistro 38, Bar Poche 36, café, take-away, reception and conference spaces. Richard Lindvall has developed the overall concept in close collaboration with the restaurateurs Tim Karlsson and Michael Andreasson, previously coming from celebrated Stockholm restaurants. Before the one year long renovations, the premises were used by the Swedish Tax Agency and consisted of a maze of tiny meeting rooms with a ceiling height of 240 cm. The entire bottom floor of the building was completely stripped down, and no trace of the old bureaucrats can now be seen in the new restaurant.
While the menu focuses on modern French cuisine, the interiors are more inspired by Scandinavian minimalism with an industrial twist. Lindvall says he took inspiration from hotels and restaurants in Shanghai, New York and Amsterdam. “Big impressive buildings with lots of space and hard materials, but which are still keeping a welcoming atmosphere are very rare in Sweden, so I went abroad for inspiration on how to achieve this feeling. I am especially pleased with the boards on the walls, says Lindvall, made from expanded metal that I found in Germany, cut into smaller segments and placed in black lacquered steel frames, which give a hint of Art Deco style. Many interior details were found from auctions, and I have been searching online for unique materials and objects that have not been seen before, like the pendants we imported from China, and the French oyster baskets holding the menus. I designed the tables and sofas and had them made by a carpenter in Lithuania. The big fig tree at the entrance was a special request that I ordered from Ulriksdals Trädgårdar and chose mainly for the amazing gray bark. The tree is in full bloom now, so the trunk isn’t that visible, giving a very different expression than in the winter when it is all bare and minimalist. Usine has been described as “a restaurant that could have been in New York or any other big international city, where one has created a Scandinavian feeling, but nothing like this has ever been done in Sweden before”.
Maple wood custom millwork and cognac leather upholstery accompanied with concrete, galvanized steel, white tiles and black iron details create a stylish but relaxed atmosphere. To introduce an accent color, Valchromat® in orange and brown was used for table tops, side tables, cabinet doors and menus. The large space is divided into three rooms, all revolving around a central black iron beam structure that has been designed to serve unique functions for each area.


NAME: Usine Restaurant
ARCHITECT: Richard Lindvall
AREA: 2000.0 sqm
LOCATION: Stockholm, Sweden